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Istria was named after the Illyrian tribe of Histri. It is said that they came on these areas because of water, settling the regions from the Timava River to Mount Ucka and the Rasa River respectively. The custom of incineration appeared in 11th century BC and represents one of the typical characteristics of the culture of pre-historic tribe of Histri.

From times immemorial, specially because of its strategic importance (the exit to the Mediterranean from Central Europe), numerous invaders tried to conquer Istria and thus left their traces not only throughout Europe, but throughout Istria as well. It can be said that entire European history "walked" on the grounds of Istria through the contact of three European civilizationsRoman, German and Slavic


History Istria


The Romans built their villas here (which because of its uniqueness given the name Villa Rustica), roads, change the political system and create a strong maritime and commercial connections. From this period the Romans left a great and famous amphitheater in Pula. After their reign of almost 500 years in this category came the Goths, people who will remain here a short period, and get ousted  from the power by another Roman colony, and the new rulers in Istria - Byzantium.

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